Monthly Archive: April 2015

Watch The Local Live: Mamaroneck School District Budget Talk

THE NEW BUDGET FOR THE MAMARONECK UNION FREE SCHOOL DISTRICT WITH OUR GUEST DR. ROBERT SHAPS  Superintendent of the Mamaroneck Union Free School District WHAT:Join us for a conversation with Superintendent of the Mamaroneck Union Free School District, Robert Shaps, to talk about the the new school budget and how it affects the education system.

WATCH The Local Live – Who Is Cheating On Who? Infidelity Roundtable

 IS INFIDELITY MORE COMMON WITH MEN OR WOMEN? SO WHO’S WORSE? LET’S TALK ABOUT INFIDELITY BETWEEN MEN AND WOMEN WITH OUR  GUEST   TORY L. ELETTO  Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Founder & Director Liv & E-Motion Psychotherapy   WHAT: Join us this Thursday on a dialogue with marriage and family therapist Tory L. Eletto […]

Watch The Local Live: Hypnosis & How It Can Change Your Life

CAN HYPNOSIS CHANGE  YOUR LIFE? LEARNING ABOUT OUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND AND HYPNOSIS WITH SPECIAL GUEST BOB PARGAMENT WHAT: Join us for a discussion with Bob Pargament, owner of the Westchester Hypnosis Center, to learn more about our subconscious mind and the power of hypnosis.

WATCH The Local Live: Solarize Westchester

   TIME TO GO SOLAR? What is Solarize Larchmont Mamaroneck How Can It Save You Money? OUR GUESTS ARE: Nancy Seligson, Mamaroneck Town Supervisor Julia Steinmetz, Head of Solarize Program Doug Hertz, Owner of Sunrise Solar Watch this week’s show below!